Woot Woot Here Comes Summer

I bet you’re curious…  Yes, this summer at the Jersey Shore is shaping up to be fantastic!  Schools are letting out in the upcoming days and it is time to think Summer Thoughts, namely Firework Displays.

Kaboom is still on the kabash for this year in Red Bank due to organizational and financial issues, but there are still plenty of nearby towns planning on providing spectacular visual entertainment for you and your family.

The longest running event during the Independence Day holiday at the Jersey Shore is the Atlantic Highlands Fireman Fair.  This unique town offers tremendous water views, great restaurants, a marina and fishing boats available to charter throughout the year.  The fair will be going on from July 2-July 6 at Municipal Harbor on Simon Lake Drive.  Circle your calendar for Fireworks on Friday, July 5th with a rain date of Saturday July 7th.

Hazlet is always a winner with fireworks.  Start your holiday weekend early by watching the Wednesday July 3rd display.  Get to Veterans Park, grab a prime spot and wait patiently for the sun to set. (Rain date Friday, July 5th)

Spend the day in Keansburg at the amusement and water parks.  Spend your night ooooing and aaahhhing at the colors exploding across the black canvas of the night sky.   They offer a double feature – Wednesday and Thursday July 3rd and July 4th at dusk – Fishing Pier and Boardwalk

Long Branch proudly presents Oceanfest on Thursday July 4th – all day free family fun can be found.  This annual festival is a crowd pleaser “for shore” with activities happening all day long starting at 10am.  What can be better than good old fashioned family fun at the Promenade in Long Branch!?!  Don’t forget to stop at Strollo’s Lighthouse and cool off or celebrate with an authentic Italian ice or delicious homemade soft serve ice cream.

Union Beach, one of the most devastated Monmouth County communities from Sandy’s wrath, did not have any plans to conduct their annual fireworks display.  Those residents have spent the last 210 days rebuilding their town and their spirits.  One resident entered a contest for a free community fireworks display and Won!  They have not yet posted a date for this wonderful gift that has been bestowed upon them.   Be sure to come and celebrate their victory in determination.  You will never meet a more deserving bunch of people.

So pack up the car and the kiddos – shoot, we’re pet friendly at the Comfort Inn Middletown, so bring the family pet too – and head on down the shore to Exit 117.  There is something to do every day here and we look forward to creating Summer 2013 memories with you!


Pet Friendly Middletown, NJ Hotel

The Comfort Inn Middletown is Not Only People Friendly – We’re Pet Friendly Too!!

Take Me With You!

Are you planning your trip and the pets don’t know they have to stay home? Save all the money you would spend on pet sitters, dog walkers or kennels and bring your pet with you.  The Middletown Comfort Inn is pet friendly and welcomes their four-legged guests as eagerly as we welcome our human ones.

Our dynamic Guest Service Manager, Tracy Wolf has written our pet policy:

Dear Furry Friend:

Welcome to the Middletown Comfort Inn!  We are so glad you decided to spend some time with us. Anyone as well-behaved as you deserves the best!  We just have some simple ground rules for you to obey.

õ    For your convenience, the area located by door D is a great place to take your human for a walk. We also have provided a trash receptacle so the area can be kept neat and clean.  I’m sure you’ll make some new friends while you are there.

õ    Be sure to tell your human not to leave you unattended in the room.  We know how lonely it gets and how scary it is to be in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar noises.  Your only reaction is to whine, cry or bark and this upsets our other guests. We want to be pet friendly to all of our guests.  Charges may be applied to your humans account if we have to refund the money to other guest(s).

õ    Please do not chew on anything in the room other than your treats and toys.  You could get a tummy ache and your human would not be happy if they had to pay for damages.

õ    Unfortunately the “Top Dogs” that run the hotel won’t allow you to  be in our lobby, swimming pool area or breakfast area, (unless you’re one of those special working dogs). However, if your human brings you a treat from the breakfast room,  we promise not to tell. 🙂

õ    Remind your human that you are getting the BEST pet friendly deal in town at only $25.00 per night with a maximum charge of $100.00 per stay

Our friends at the ASPCA have put together a comprehensive set of Pet Travel Safety Tips Click here for Car Travel and here for Air Travel.

We're off to the Middletown Comfort Inn!!

While we’re busy barking about our hotel, we also want to remind you to get your tickets now for Sunday, February 28, 2010 when beloved canine rehabilitation specialist and best-selling author Cesar Millan will be at the Count Basie Theatre.  The show starts at 3:00pm and only humans will be admitted.

The Comfort Inn Middletown wishes you a happy and safe new year.  Bring your 4 legged friend to our pet friendly hotel and we just may feature you on our blog.  We look forward to welcoming you in 2010 and beyond.