Cause down the shore everything’s alright

The Jersey Shore is alive and kicking.  Not to mention we are stronger than ever!

We have been working so very hard to make your trip down the shore as exciting as you remember in years past.  Our beaches are open and ready for you.  The landscape may have changed slightly, but not our determination.  We are still here and we want you here too!

Hotels are staffed and awaiting your arrival, restaurants are bringing out their best summer recipes, the boardwalks have been replaced, the amusement rides have been repaired and the game vendors have all the stuffed animals your kids can desire.  All we need to get our summer started is you!

Take the familiar ride down the parkway.  Feel the excitement as your destination exit comes into sight.  And when the kids ask from the backseat “Are we there yet?”  Without hesitation, you can say, “Yes!”

Welcome back to the Jersey Shore!!!!


Sandy Hook Sunday – Test post from my iPhone

I just wanted try a test post from my iPhone to see how it works. I went out to Sandy Hook yesterday to get a quick run in and enjoy a dose of our beautiful March weather. It was totally worth it (minus the sunburn).

The beach didn’t look any worse for the wear unlike her unlucky sisters in Sea Bright, Long Branch and Asbury Park. They have the dune area roped off for the nesting shore bird season. Hopefully you can see it in the picture I tried to attach.

There was quite a few people with the same idea. Kids were building sand castles and frolicking in the sand. As always, the was no lack of sea gulls and one sounded like a big dog barking. I found a blue ball which kept me company as I kicked it along throughout my stroll.

Hopefully this works as intended. Thank you for indulging me.