Value is in the eye of the beholder

Much discussion is spent on value.  Value is equally important to the consumer and the merchant.  The merchant wants to provide a value so more people return and the consumer wants value because they want to feel good about the money about to be spent.

Value means different things to people.  To some it can represent a product that is well made and will hold up over the test of time despite the cost.  To others value is getting the most “product” for the least amount of money spent.

Hotels use the verbiage “Value Added” when referring to their properties.  In the beginning, hotels simply offered you a place to sleep.  The guest of yesterday was looking for a place to spend the night.   Now hotels offer so much more than a place to rest your head.

So let’s get into what is considered value (in the general scope) of hotel offerings.

Pre-booking rates/Advance Purchase rates:

This is a value for the committed guest.  You know when you want to stay and you know your travel dates are rigid.  Advance Purchase rates rewards the guest with a discount for being committed.  Choice Hotels offers Advance Purchase rates at their hotel properties.  Bookings can be made 7, 14, or 21 days in advance of your arrival date.

Travel Programs/Loyalty Programs:

Hotels and Loyalty Programs seem to go hand-in-hand nowadays.  Hotels offer points, miles, free nights and the like to get you to return to them time and again.  The best programs offer redemptions that are easy to redeem and no blackout dates.  Choice Privileges is one of those programs.   You earn points and can use them however and wherever you like.

Free Stuff:

Back in the day hotel rooms did not have refrigerators, microwaves, hairdryers, or irons/ironing boards in the actual room (and we are only going back 14 years).  Slowly these items made their way into the guest room because it created value to the guest.  Now you find all those things plus HSIA in most midscale hotels, and they are included in your rate.  Breakfast is an evolving value add product.  Free Breakfast whether a simple continental or a full hot breakfast (like we offer at the Comfort Inn Middletown) add value to the guest.  These guests no longer have to spend additional money on breakfast so it makes it easier to budget your travel expenses.

These conveniences all add value to your stay.  However, you may not find value in all those things each and every time you travel.  You might not eat breakfast in the morning so it might not matter to you if breakfast is included in your rate.  But if you want it – it is there for the taking.


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