Yesterday a favorite guest of mine pulled into the parking lot. Mr. M. has been coming here for as long as I can remember, always gracing us with a smile and a cheery hello.
It was no different yesterday, except for one thing… an embracing hug. In a world where no one has any idea of who is around them, I found this personal gesture to be refreshing.
Hugs make you feel good and they certainly make the recipient feel good too. I can’t recall the last time I was greeted with a hug that didn’t come from a family member. What truly made it different is that it was a hug offered through sincerity versus obligation. Hotels are different – you are welcoming someone technically into your “home”. You treat them like family. You have time to learn about them; what they like to eat, where they enjoy spending their free time, why they come into your area. They become more than a guest in a hotel room.
So I would really like to say Thank You so much Mr. M. It is a pleasure to know you, it is a pleasure to see you on a regular basis and it was a pleasure to be the recipient of a hug!  It was a great day at the Comfort Inn Middletown


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