Check In When You Check Inn “The Pool” is on Foursquare

It’s official, The Pool at Comfort Inn Middletown-Red Bank has it’s ow venue on Foursquare. The idea dawned on me at the beginning of the month when the Phish concert go-ers were in town at the beginning of the month and saying they were at the pool.

I’ve saved this little project for a really nice day so I could create the venue using my iPhone.  I took one for the team and went outside to keep the pool company whilst I added it on Foursquare.  It seemed Foursquare was not cooperating on my phone because it thought it was a duplicate venue. I came back inside and added it using my “real computer”.  As I walked back to my office I subtitled my position with the hotel as the “Creative Director for Excuses to go Outside” and snickered. I was able to add The Pool in my office so we’re live and waiting for our first check in and mayor.  Will it be you?

Which leads me to ponder: What should I offer as a check in special? What tips should I add? (Besides the standard no running, no glass containers, no dogs…)  If you have any ideas drop me a line in the comments below, I’d love to hear them and to talk about summer, the sun and pool. Happy summer everyone!!


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