Spring Has Sprung! Winter is Over!

HAPPY SPRING!! It has been one heck of a winter but finally, officially it has come to an end.  I found this tulip growing in my back yard on the 27th of February and started my spring fever. On the vernal equinox the amount of daylight and darkness are about equal at 12 hours each.  The number of  hours of sunlight increase throughout the season and the first day of summer has the most amount of daylight hours.

Spring rolls into my life slowly and starts with the Mets heading to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training, which is my favorite thing about spring. The start of Daylight Savings Time is probably my second most favorite thing about spring and I look forward to it from the time the clocks are changed in November.

Seeing buds and flowers on the trees always make me happy.  It seems like one day everything goes from dead and brown to green and lush. If I didn’t see robins at Sandy Hook in January I’d say that was a nice sign of spring. But not in January. Wearing flip-flops is pretty high on the list of Happy Spring also.

These are my favorite things about spring, what are yours?


4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung! Winter is Over!

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