Comfort Inn Middletown Featured In Hotel Advantage March Newsletter

QR codes are becoming increasingly more popular and I have been implementing them into our marketing strategy at the hotel.  As with most things I think are really cool, I avidly read about them to stay on top of the latest news.  I subscribe to Social Media Examiner and I was really happy to see Jeff Korhan write a  post on QR codes. It’s a great post especially if you are unfamiliar with how they work and what you can use them for. All I did was leave a simple comment and it connected me with Ann Manion, President of Hotel Advantage, a reputation management company for the hospitality industry.

Ann and I exchanged emails and phone calls discussing what I’ve been doing with social media to market the hotel and in particular what I’ve been using the QR codes for.  SO far I have them on my business cards, this blog, email signature, sales contracts and our print ads. In her March newsletter, Ann planned on discussing QR codes and their use in the hospitality industry and she asked if she could feature our hotel and I was both honored and excited.

Oddly enough as I was on the phone with Ann with the office door closed (which also means locked) Bridget was jumping around outside the window with new Choice Hotels collateral. When I got off the phone I went out to see what the excitement was about. Choice Hotels incorporated a QR Code with their latest promotion “Stay Two Separate Times and Earn a $50 Gas Card”.

Ann’s newsletter was released yesterday and you can read it here or be one the cool kids and use the QR code at the top of the post.  If you don’t have one, download a QR reader from your mobile device app store and scan the code.  As an iPhone user I prefer the Qrafter app and it is free.  In the article she correctly quotes me as saying “I feel like I am a QR code ambassador” where the more people learn about them and like them, the more useful they become.  I saw a friend at a networking event last night and he said because of a conversation we had, he’s now placed a QR code on his business card.

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