Craft Brewed Comedy This Sunday!

You don’t want to miss Craft Brewed Comedy on Sunday, February 20th at Jack’s Goal Line Stand in Long Branch. Many of us Jersey Shore locals know  Craig Mahoney through the joy that is the Twitter. If you don’t know Craig, he is a talented artist, musician and has recently decided to dip his toes back into the comedy pool.

Craig will be displaying his comedic and emcee talents at Jack’s Goal Line Stand in Long Branch this Sunday. Join him and his merry cast of characters for an evening of laughs and Craft Brewed Comedy.  The show features Adam Lucidi, Ben Rosenfeld, Brett Druck, Corey Reppond and Natty Bumpercar.

Beach Haus Beer has taken care of the promotions and giveaways. If you aren’t familiar with Beach Haus beer it’s a lovely pilsner brewed right here at the Jersey Shore by East Coast Beer. To be more specific, an excerpt from their website:

Beach Haus Classic American Pilsner is made purely of ingredients found in America, just as the early style demanded. We took great care in selecting the hops and malts we use that are native only to America. Smooth, golden and full-bodied – we think of it as a New American Classic.  This unique pre-Prohibition, American-style Pilsner was once prevalent throughout the American brewing landscape, and we’re very proud to be bringing it back.

Come out and support our local friends and businesses. All it takes is $7 at the door and if you’re in the back room there’s a one drink minimum. If I make it back from vacation in one piece I’ll be there, come enjoy a birthday drink with me! You can go “like” Craig by clicking on the picture and follow him on Twitter @CraigMahoney.


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