Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce Testimonial

I attended the Northern Monmouth Chamber Business After Hours Networking event at Bahr’s on Thursday, January 14th.  For once, I actually got there early and Paul asked me to help out at the registration table. I love working the reg table because then I get a chance to at least say hello to everyone at the event. I always have a good time and I was able to meet some really great folks including Jay from Bahr’s who I’ve only ever communicated with through Twitter.  Bahr’s did a fabulous job, the food and atmosphere were outstanding.

Ken Scaggs from the Kerr Agency asked me to be a part of the video testimonial on behalf of the Northern Monmouth Chamber. I really wanted to say no, I’m not exactly photogenic but that’s not very chamberly now is it. My big video debut is at the four-minute mark but you should watch the whole thing.  Jeff Gould from Action Media put the video together and has a bunch of other great local videos he produced on his YouTube channel you should check out.  I look forward to seeing all of my chamber friends again soon!


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