Snowstorm Fun at Comfort Inn Middletown

A photo slideshow of the effects of the January 11-12, 2011 snowstorm that netted us about 10 inches of snow in Middletown, NJ at our Comfort Inn. We all made special arrangements to make sure we were all at work to be able to care of our many guests needing to depart on the 12th. Some of the Housekeeping staff and Front Desk agents stayed overnight to ensure they would be available for their shifts the today. We worked hard to keep everything operating as smoothly as possible. It’s the chaotic times that sometimes bring us together and we all made many new friends today.  The slideshow has been created by our own very own Bridget Gould who was this mornings desk agent and guest of the hotel last evening.

P.S. I will tell you, if for any reason you are considering buying a Nissan Cube and you are not tall and have to park outside it’s a very deceivingly statuesque vehicle.  Elida and I had quite the time clearing that roof off.

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