Sandy Hook – Pretty, Even In Winter

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Last weekend I had the opportunity (read: cabin fever) to get out for a nice seven mile walk on the winter beach at Sandy Hook. It was the first time I had ever seen snow at the beach. I found my first piece of sea glass (plus a few more that weren’t “ready” yet that I pitched back into the water) which totally made my day.  There were no seal sightings but I will continue to look for them throughout the winter.  The seagulls and cormorants were bobbing on the waves searching for their next meal. The New York City skyline was visible but barely through the overcast skies.

In no way shape, or form do I claim to be anything remotely close to a photographer.  I own a camera, I know how to turn it on, push the button to capture the moment and then upload the pictures onto my computer.  Just last night I realized that Picasa will not only hold your photos but there are editing options in there as well. The slide show above is some of the pictures I took and played with in Picasa. Obviously it’s much prettier in person and with a better photographer.  There is no denying that Sandy Hook is a beautiful place to enjoy throughout the four seasons of the year.


4 thoughts on “Sandy Hook – Pretty, Even In Winter

  1. Nice photos and there is SO MUCH to explore if you drive through all the little side streets of Sandy Hook.. If you want a seal sighting keep an eye out at Horseshoe Cove and always early morning hours. Enjoy!

    • Once I get out there, I don’t have the patience to drive out. I park at Lot B and start walking. Why don’t the seals want to hang out in mid afternoon when I’m awake to go see them? 🙂

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