Meet Lois, Our Evening Front Desk Super Hero

This is Lois, Comfort Inn Middletown’s  friendly face behind the front desk in the evenings during the week. She has a fabulous sense of humor that is occasionally lost on people that take life a little too seriously. Lois had an appointment today and went proudly decked out in her hat.  She unhappily reported that out of all of the people she encountered in the office, not one of them laughed. “What’s not funny about a chicken hat?!!”, she said.

Lois has worked at the hotel for over 20 years and can tell you some absolutely hilarious stories about things that have happened throughout the years.  Not one detail is lost and she can tell a story like it happened yesterday.  She takes care of our guests like they are family and has gone above and beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions.  She’s always cleaning and we’ve deemed that her Super Hero name is the Dis-In-Fec-Tor.

If you call or stop by between the hours of 3 and 11 Monday through Friday, be sure to say hello to Lois and let her know what you think… Chicken Hat: Funny or Unfunny?


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