Top 5 Posts From The First Year of Hotel Blogging

I started this little hotel blog on December 22, 2009 which means this week is the one year anniversary. I get a bit nostalgic about things like that so I’m going to be writing posts this week that focus on my year in blogging and social media.  It seems like it’s been a lot longer than a year of writing and it pains me to read my first post.  It’s a goofy jumble of words and ideas on New Year’s Eve that could have easily been five different posts. In the beginning, I really did not have a feel for what I wanted to say or what to talk about .  By no means do I think I’m “little miss professional blogger” now but my work has gotten better since post number one. I’ve read many “Dummies” and “Idiots” books on blogging, tons of blogs on blogging and followed well-known bloggers on Twitter along the way.

The most enjoyable posts to write have been the ones helping to promote someone or something else.  I think giving back is very important.  I just hope I’ve been able to help my favorite causes by writing about them on this blog.  That being said…

No one stays in a hotel because they want to see what the rooms look like.  An Event or attraction in the area are the reason our guests stay with us.   This blog would be quite boring if I just spoke of the hotel. Although, it would be far more interesting if we could tell the “behind the scenes” stories without fear of lawsuit or otherwise negative backlash.  As of this writing, we’ve had a total of 10,384 views translating to about 30 a day. Not too shabby considering there were days of no views during the first four months. (Thank goodness, really, I was able to learn without embarrassing myself.)  Our busiest day was September 26th where we had 245 views – woo hoo! and that is a direct quote from me while checking my stats on the 27th. I thought it might be fun to look back and do a recap of our Top 5 posts (based on number of views) from the past year:

5.  Five Rainy Day Things To Do At The Jersey Shore posted June 4, 2010 with 260 views. We didn’t have a particularly rainy summer, thank goodness, but when it did rain this post saw a lot of hits. Do you have any other great rainy day things to at the shore? Leave us a comment, I’d like to write “Five More Rainy Day Things…”.

4 .New Jersey Monthly Names It’s Top 25 Restaurants posted August 3, 2010 with 286 views. Who doesn’t like to talk about food and eating? I was amazed at how many top restaurants were located so close to the hotel.  New Jersey Monthly Magazine has inspired a number of my posts.

3.  A Good Reason To Visit – Memorial Day Events At The Jersey Shore posted May 12, 2010 with 377 views. Desperate for something to write about, it occurred to me that a post about Memorial Day a few weeks ahead of time would be a good idea. It appears to have paid off. I missed the boat on betting the 4th of July and Labor Day done early to get similar traffic. The reminders are set for next year.

2.  Whales Spotted At The Jersey Shore posted on June 17, 2010 with 415 views. There are posts that I have spent hours and days working on only to have them flop. Then there are posts like this one where I read about the whales on Twitter at work. While drinking a beer in my kitchen at home, I threw some words, a link and a title into WordPress and I got a huge spike in traffic because the NY Daily News linked to my post. I was so excited, I told everyone. It happened a couple times after that too, but never on the posts that I put a ton of time into, figures.

Our most viewed post goes to:

1.       Red Bank Guinness Oyster Fest posted on September 20, 2010 with 510 views. This is the post that got us our busiest day. The Oyster Fest fell on September 26th and since it was a first time event, there was little web content available. (Not to burst my own bubble or anything.)  There’s a lot be said about being in the right place at the right time though.  The whole idea on writing about events is for the Comfort Inn Middletown to be associated with them and drive people to our  information. This qualifies as a win.

It has been quite the year and I’m pretty pleased with where the blog is going. Putting content together for the last year has given the blog more reason to show up the search engines.  My next step is to graduate the blog to its very own domain.  If that didn’t seem so darn scary I would have done it already. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where I pay tribute to my “social media friends”.

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