Passionworks Brings Good People Together

Some days I wake up happy to start the day and some days I wake up and want to get to the end of the day because that’s where I think the best part lies. Today was the latter. I (on behalf of the Comfort Inn Middletown) was invited to a special celebration thrown by Passionworks to thank the businesses that have given to help their homeless causes. I wrote a post a few weeks again about supporting Passionworks which you can read here.

The distinct pleasure of the day goes to meeting the “Master Pastor” behind Passionworks, Reverend Chuck Gianakos. We have been interacting through Twitter messages for the better part of a year now and had yet to meet in person. He is such an outgoing and likable person, I really looked forward to making a personal connection.

Tent Village in Lakewood, NJ

It was so interesting to hear how Passionworks was founded by an idea his youth group had many years ago. They wanted to help a family in immediate need, immediately, without a meeting to decide who, what, when, where or how. They passed a hat, kids donated $1, $5, $10 whatever they could and came up with $250.

Chuck procured and delivered supplies the family would need and reported back to his youth group the following week. Thus Passionworks was born. It is a completely volunteer organization and every dollar raised helps people. This, I did not know. It’s amazing what can be accomplished simply by doing. Not by meeting about doing, talking about doing, thinking about doing. If there’s something that needs or you want to be done, DO IT.

The additional bonus was getting to meet and see people I have been talking with on Twitter for over a year now. If you are on Twitter, I suggest you follow: @passionworks (obviously), @patcashin – Chuck’s right hand man, @funkychunks – she and Phil AKA Mr. Funky run a very cool Jersey Shore soap business, @jmediamaven Joanna has a social media business, Brand New Day Media, @deystudio Lorraine is an artist and recently published a children’s book, @cortland head honcho at Jersey PR and his co-worker Kate, and the event was held at Rockn’ Joe in Point Pleasant Beach with great food and great coffee! I also spent time speaking with Lisa Commette who is a Jersey Shore native that will be helping Passionworks with PR and marketing. I hope I remembered everyone, I’m a little tired so the brain is not operating at max capacity. (I wanted to link to everyone but it would look like a big blue sentence and a link farm!)

Notably missed at the event was @locallylove our Jersey Shore “Tweetheart”, @lgesin/@asburypop teacher and tech extraordinaire and @jerseyshoretog who brings the sunshine to our lives every morning.

Please check out the link to my previous post and consider donating to Passionworks through their Buck-It program or simply using Good Search when you surf the ‘net.  Your help and or donations are greatly appreciated. I am going to bed happy knowing I spent the evening in wonderful company.


4 thoughts on “Passionworks Brings Good People Together

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post (as I do all of your posts). I wish I was able to make it last night, but I’m so glad our Jersey Shore Twitteratti was in full force to support Chuck and his wonderful organization. Thank you for the mention, and for a great post about Passionworks! I hope that we are all able to give a little this holiday season and throughout 2011 to help our locals in need. Much love to you, Barb =)

    • Right back at you Allyson! We missed you. Thank you for leaving such kind words. Yes, we need to remember there are people in need year round. It sounds like plans are starting to develop for a Twitterati get-together post holidays. PS Totally love your Avatar

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