Support Passionworks by Using Good Search

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving.  Not everyone is in the position to be able to afford cash out-of-pocket, but most of us search the internet on a daily basis. Why not take what you’re going to anyway and have it go towards a good cause? Support Passionworks every time you surf.

Passionworks has teamed up with Good Search which is powered by Yahoo to raise much-needed funds. It’s really easy to do, simply search for Good Search (<– or click on that link). Once you are on the Good Search page, look below the big search bar in the middle of the page for “Who do you Good Search For?” and type in Passionworks. Passionworks, Brick, NJ will show up and you can now search away while earning money.

Besides Passionworks website, you can also find Chuck Gianakos, Executive Director actively working through Social Media to promote support. “Like” Passionworks on Facebook and “Follow” Passionworks on Twitter. I personally became aware of them through social media which is just another testimonial of how it can raise awareness and connect people who may have never otherwise been connected. Please visit their blog here where you can learn more about the Buck-It program where by donating just $1 per month, you can make a huge difference is someone’s life.

The Comfort Inn Middletown supports local causes and we are going to try to highlight a few throughout the holidays. There are many people who are much less fortunate than we are and they need our help and support not only at the holidays, but all 365 days of the year. Give what you can, every little bit is appreciated and makes difference.


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