“Where Music Lives” Asbury Park 2011 Fundraiser

The Asbury Park “Where Music Lives” fundraiser on November 18th at The Stone Pony was fabulous (unlike my photography). Bridget and I were able to go and have a fun night on the town and get to see the local talent of Asbury Park and cross “going to The Stone Pony” off of the To Do List we’ve been compiling. I kept notes in my iPhone (thank goodness) or I would never remember all of this.

I forgot how much I enjoy seeing live music. It was also nice to see folks I only see on a business basis on a more social one. We even got to meet and speak with the very talented Anthony D’Amato.

Opening the show was Victory Gin. I’m not usually a bluegrass/country type music lover but their sound was light and fun; I really enjoyed listening to them. It can’t be easy to be the opening act, but I’m so glad we got there early, got a spot near the bar and the bathroom and were able to hear the whole set. I told Bridget “I’m totally You Tubing these guys at work tomorrow so we can listen again!” As Susan Pellegrini stated at the event, “New Harmonies:Celebrating American Roots Music” is the theme of the Smithsonian exhibit and Victory Gin is a fine example.

A true summary of what they are all about is on their website and includes:

This four piece original act has identified their own sound with a bleeding mixture of rock and roll bluegrass, americana, soul, and vocal styling just not available on the music scene today.

The next act up was Outside The Box. They were a great high energy Rock ‘n Roll band with pop and blues blended in. The lead singer walked up next to me afterward to get a water and all my uncool self could utter was “Dude, You rocked”. He was all over the stage, interacting with the other band members and was completely into what he was doing and in the moment. Outside The Box has shared the stage with a number of talented and well-know artists. The band has three EP’s out currently and is working on their first full length album due out in early 2011.

Concluding the evening was Glen Burtnik and Friends. I was most impressed that the friends portion was young, local Asbury Park Talent. My note-taking at this point had become shoddy at best and it was not good to begin with. The only name I managed to record was Taylor Hope whom I remember was 16 years old and played that electric violin like nobody’s business. She was amazing and made me a bit sad I gave up my violin aspirations at 11. Anthony D’Amato also got up on stage and sang his head off on a rendition of Joe Cocker’s “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”, awesome.

Many thanks again to Tom Gilmour for providing us the tickets and the opportunity to have a fun night out celebrating where music lives. I encourage you to follow along in what is sure to be a year-long musical celebration that won’t soon be forgotten.


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