This Post Will Link You Directly to our Website

All you need is a QR reader on your mobile device.  I have an iPhone and downloaded the QR Reader App. It’s as easy as opening the App, aiming it at the code and whammo on to website city.

I was so impressed with the QR Code that Google Maps sent us that I wanted to, as of yesterday, start including it in all of our hotel print advertising. Then it occurred to me that creating traffic to Google Maps is all well and good but generating traffic to my hotel’s website, now that seems genius.  I’m a huge fan of Google Maps, I’m quite sure I’ve said that before and I thank them for turning me on to it.  I searched for “free qr code creator” and it brought me to Qurify which you can find on-line  here and follow them on Twitter @qurify. QR codes can be created for any text. I’m thinking of using it to increase Facebook “Likes” and Twitter “followers” also.  Apparently this technology is huge in Japan.

My next goal is to find out if there are analytics to measure traffic and potentially show some ROI on our print advertising.  Off to research, thank you for indulging me in my nerd moment.  If you have any advice or ideas on using QR codes please leave me your wisdom in the comments. It’s greatly appreciated.


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