Hurricane Earl Is Coming, Are You Ready?

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I’ve lived in Middletown, NJ for the last year and the recent developments of Hurricane Earl are a bit perplexing for me. Hailing from New York, the state not the city, I haven’t ever been through a coastal hurricane before. I have been bombarding my boss with questions all day and he is becoming somewhat annoyed with me.  We are sort of trading our Type A/B personalities.  I rarely worry about anything and he worries about everything. Well he’s not worried about the hurricane and I have more questions than a 5-year-old.  So, when I want answers, I gather facts.  One fact I know: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail so that’s where I started. I had 4 questions: 1. What Should Be My Hurricane Preparedness Plan? 2. What is the Current Storm Track? 3. What Cool Phone Apps Are There For Hurricanes? 4. Non-Perishable food items and How to Plan a Meal with Them.

Update: 8/31/10 I’m not a homeowner, I just live with one. Insurance wasn’t something I had initially thought about. Insurance Professional, DonnaLyn Geigerich points out the following noteworthy advice on your homeowners insurance policy:

Hurricane Earl’s coming, make sure you clearly understand your windstorm deductibles and know that flood losses are NOT covered in your homeowners and building coverages.

Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Here’s a link to NOAA’s website where they have listed a Family Plan, a list of Items for your Disaster Supply Kit, Securing Your Home, Pet Plan, and On-line  vulnerability info. By on-line vulnerability info, we are not talking about your bank accounts being hacked or something of that nature.  It refers to websites that show the kind of danger your area could potentially face in the storm. It could be storm surge, in-land flooding, high winds, etc.

Current Storm Track of Hurricane Earl

The Weather Channel has been on in the lobby all day which may be feeding my “hurricamania” and quest for knowledge. The projected path of the hurricane has Earl blowing by throughout the day on Friday and should be out of the way for our Labor Weekend enjoyment starting Saturday morning.  As of today, the Weather Channel is listing this photo as Earl’s Projected Path.

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Update: 8.31.10 8:40pm New Projected Path Map puts the storm on the Jersey Shore sometime in the afternoon Friday through Saturday morning. Not exactly the news I was hoping for.


Update 9.2.10 Here is the latest storm track for Hurricane Earl. The New Jersey Shore is currently under a tropical storm warning. The storm is expected to begin around 11:00am Friday and be over somewhere around 8:00pm Friday  evening. These are projections, of course, and are subject to change.


As time goes by and updates are released, I’ll post new projections. This stuff is really exciting for me, I did minor in Meteorology during my time at SUNY Oneonta.

Cool Hurricane Phone Apps

The next thing I looked into was hurricane radar iPhone apps.  There are a plethora of them, free and paid and I have no idea which one is best. I asked fellow weather nut & iPhone carrier and Twitter friend Scott Miller aka @JerseyShoreTog his personal favorites, knowing full well he’d have the answer. Here is his Twitter reply:

If you are an iPhone carrier, these are great suggestions. Thank you very much for your input Scott! He has written a post on Hurricane Safety and Preparation, from many years of experience that is a valuable tool, read on here. Here’s a preview of the Hurricane App from iTunes. For you Droid, Blackberry and other phone users, if you have great apps, leave them below in the comments section please.

Non-Perishable Food Items and Meal Plans

Being prepared and having on hand plenty of water, candles, and non-perishable food items is a must.  When the power goes out, it’s best to just leave the refrigerator closed to keep the cold inside.  Which made me think, what on earth do you make a meal of non-perishable food items with? All I can think of when I hear “non-perishable”  is canned beans and Spaghetti O’s. Yuck. I’m going on a non-perishable food item menu search.

Should the lights and power go out, life becomes a lot like camping. I figured that must be the best way to prepare. Keeping meats at a safe temperature without power is difficult if not risky, so why not go vegetarian?  Here’s a great Vegetarian Camping List that includes having a cooler with ice on hand.  If you don’t plan on doing that, skip the egg and cheese products.  It’s a good outline to start with and you can fill in your own ideas and preferences.

Here is another list, actually called a Disaster Food Supply Plan that includes items that don’t require any refrigeration or cooking as well as a three-day meal plan.  It’s in Word format and is easy to print out to bring along as a shopping list.

Hopefully, we all keep power  but get to spend Friday watching a  really cool storm.  I’d be kind of miffed if it was blowing through on a Saturday and wrecking my (our) weekend. If you have any Jersey Shore hurricane advice to share, please do in the comments below.  If you have a Jersey Shore Hurricane story, I’d love to hear that as well, feel free to leave that too.

Just a quick mention that if you happen to lose power, the Comfort Inn Middletown does have a generator so we will have power and air conditioning.  All rooms have mini refrigerators and fridges. There’s even a game room for bored kiddies to enjoy. We have a pretty darn sturdy building as well and would be glad to have you weather the storm with us.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Earl Is Coming, Are You Ready?

  1. I actually have an obsession with weather and can watch the weather channel all day long.
    It feels good to hear someone refer to Earl as maybe “a pretty cool storm” I thought I was the only one.
    I do not have an iphone but I do have a blackberry and has the option to download their app on the blackberry
    And it gives you all the current updated, possibilities even the satalites all in the hurricane center.
    I hope this storm does not become catastrophic and hope no one looses things they have
    Spent there whole life working for and hope everyone stays safe. Nothing ever happends in new jersey,
    Weather wise so, I’m hoping it will just be a kool storm and try to have some fun in it. If you want to follow me on twitter I am Empress928.
    Good luck, get wet and have fun. Camping is not so bad!!!

    • Thank you Jessica, I appreciate the Blackberry info and it’s good to hear we are not alone in our weather obsession 🙂 Good luck to you as well. I too am hoping for nothing catastrophic, just something fun to watch and a little excitement. I’m off to check the newest predictions!

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