Cardboard Box City Fundraiser for Family Promise

It always makes me happy when a blog post walks right up and presents itself. A day of not wracking my brain for content, fabulous!  The Eastern Monmouth Chamber held an email marketing seminar this morning at our hotel. Our friend Bill Atkins from Red Bank Limo introduced me to Shanna Goldstein, Executive Director of Family Promise of Monmouth County.  Bill knows Shanna and Family Promise through his church. Their mission is:

To provide food, shelter and comprehensive services to homeless families in Monmouth County in cooperation with a network of interfaith congregations, while advocating innovative solutions to chronic homelessness.

Family Promise works with community agencies, faith-based services, churches and synagogues to provide shelter, food, transportation and supportive services including case management for homeless families.  They can accommodate three to five families or a maximum of 14 people per day. The network consists of a Day Center and 12 host congregations. For one week approximately every 3 months congregations provide a place to sleep for families who find themselves temporarily homeless as well as meals and fellowship. The Family Promise of Monmouth County Day Center is located in Middletown has shower and laundry facilities as well as a kitchen for preparing mid-day meals.  At times when the congregations had no availability, the Comfort Inn Middletown has hosted families.

Family Promise of Monmouth County has a unique fundraiser coming up in September on the 24th called Cardboard Box City.  It is their first time running it and need YOU to help.  The event itself involves raising at least $100 in pledges and sleeping overnight in a cardboard in “Box City”. Set  up runs from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and there will be live music from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  Breakfast will also be provided to the participants in the morning. Because I don’t have to do it and it’s only one night, it seems like fun and a great way to raise funds and awareness for a very real problem.  It will take place at the Monmouth Church of Christ in Tinton Falls.  For more information visit the Family Promise of Monmouth County Website. Youth are encouraged to participate and they hoping this is a youth driven event.  There will be prizes awarded and dinner will be served from a real “soup line”.

It was really great to meet Shanna and hear about all of the great things that Family Promise does to enable the homeless to better themselves. You can find Family Promise on Facebook here and Twitter here.  If you’ve been involved with Family Promise or can give  a testimonial, feel free to do so in the comments below.


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