New York City Sightseeing Tour Aboard the SeaStreak

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On Monday, July 26, 2010 my brother Scott, his wife Gina and their two kids Nathan and Alex came to visit little ole me at the Jersey Shore. They had traveled all day to get here from Vermont so we needed a relatively low-key but fun activity for the afternoon.  My boss at the Comfort Inn Middletown was nice enough to let me skip out at 3:00pm so we could enjoy what was left of the afternoon. My brother and the kids had never seen the Statue of Liberty and it occurred to me that maybe the SeaStreak Ferry has a sightseeing tour so we wouldn’t have to drive there. I will avoid driving in New York City at all costs.

I went to the SeaStreak website and low and behold they DO have sightseeing tours, awesome!  There are a bunch of times you can catch the ferry  throughout the day either out of Atlantic Highlands or Highlands terminals.  Basically you are boarding a regularly scheduled commuter ferry run round trip.  The cost is a one way ticket for adults but you must stay on the boat for the entire trip. Kids 12 and under travel free Monday through Friday, some restrictions may apply.

We caught the 3:45 out at Conners Dock in the Highlands.  Upon boarding the boat we hightailed it to the top of the boat where they have benches for seating and many people were standing as well. Word to the wise if you have long or longish hair, bring  a hat or you will end up with the “Medusa Swirl ‘Do” I was sporting. It’s quite windy up top. Down below is a full service bar and plush seating, AC and TV’s for those returning from a long work day.

The trip was about the 2.5 hours round trip and really was quite enjoyable. Some of the sights I was at least able to recognize were the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Verrazano Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges.  The highlights for my nephews were seeing the helicopter land on the helipad at E. 35th Street to drop off a VIP commuter and seeing the big cruise ship fit under the Verrazano Bridge. They were disappointed however, to find out our boat was not equipped with a  water slide like the cruise ship.

It was a great trip and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something fun to do for an afternoon.  I am looking forward to the day I finally get to take the SeaStreak to a Mets game. Let me tell you, it was fantastic to be out on the water and in the wind on a hot and muggy afternoon. Have you ever taken the SeaStreak for anything? What was your experience? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “New York City Sightseeing Tour Aboard the SeaStreak

    • You totally should, you take such wonderful pictures! If and when you do and post on your blog send me the link so I can include it with this post. Thank you for stopping by! Now if only spring/summer would hurry up and get here…

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