Beach Party with the Eastern Monmouth Chamber is Tomorrow July 22

Eastern Monmouth Chamber Beach Party

Beach Party is one of the signature events that the Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce puts on annually. I was within my first two weeks of living and working at the Jersey Shore last year so I didn’t make the event. I have had the last 12 months to look forward to it.  I can’t speak from experience, but I am a member of the Business After Hours Committee and everyone on the committee is overflowing with excitement for this great event and it’s contagious.

Join us from 4:30 to 8:30pm at the Sea Gulls’ Nest out on the beautiful Sandy Hook.  It’s a beach party, dress casual but bring your business cards and sense of fun!  There’s a great menu, cocktails, entertainment by Bruce Foster and rumor has it, a fabulous sunset.  As a self-proclaimed weather nut, I have been stalking the Weather Channel on-line and the weather looks beach-a-rific with a forecast of 90 degrees (relatively cool by this summer’s standards) and mostly sunny.  That has picture perfect sunset written all over it.  Hope to see and/or meet you there.  Click on the EMACC link above for easy on-line registration. Both members and non-members are welcome! Ok, I can’t resist here’s a picture of the sunset from the Sea Gulls’ Nest website.


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