The Best of Monmouth was Truly an Event

I just got home and it’s now 10:30pm. I should be relaxing in front of the TV but I had such a great time tonight I wanted to at least blog it out.  The Comfort Inn Middletown-Red Bank had our first ever exhibitor/sponsorship at The Best of Monmouth Summer Festival and it was an EVENT.  I enjoyed myself from the moment I arrived. The staff at Branches went above and beyond to help me lug all of my stuff to my table. Spending four hours exhibiting next to Rachel and John Decker from Queen Vacuum was like hanging out with friends for the evening. Every where you turned there was great food and drink. So many fantastic restaurants with amazing spreads.

Because of the event, I was able to connect with many of the people I get to talk to on-line frequently but have not had the opportunity to meet in person.  Being an exhibitor/sponsor, I was given 20 tickets to give to 20 guests.  Joanna Carides (@jmediamaven) was the first to take me up on the offer. I was able to catch up with her at the hotel last week and see her again at the actual event. She came to the Best of Monmouth with her friend Lorraine who is an illustrator and may have her book launch party with us in one of our meeting rooms.  Allyson Pryor (@locallylove & @InnovationsIP)  and I have been “tweeting” for months but hadn’t met in person before tonight when she came  with her Mom and Laura Gesin (@lgesin & @asburypop). It was so nice to finally meet in real life and chat.  I’m really glad I had the extra tickets to share.  I also was able to meet Aaron Levine (@ALFinancial) and Chelsea and tomorrow night’s Tweet Up at the Lakewood Blue Claws (@BlueClaws) should be another fabulous event!  Speaking of which, the second person I ran into was Lisa Kanda  (@LKCoach) and she is a fun chick who will also be at the Tweet Up tomorrow night also.  Spent some time talking to Craig Mahoney from Craig Mahoney Studios (@CraigMahoney) and I think I’m so not young anymore and saying “cool” and “awesome” don’t help but I am righteous enough to know what a podcast is. If you don’t, check it here.

All in all, for everything we invested in this event it was, in a word, outstanding. Everyone was having a fantastic time, I was able to talk to the great people of Monmouth County and, hopefully, be a hotel of “Choice”.  Tomorrow night, which may be almost tonight by the time this gets posted, (the event is Tuesday, June 29th) come out to the Lakewood Blue Claws game for Twitter night. Even if you aren’t on Twitter there will be fun times, an opportunity to meet your on-line friends and businesses, and network in a relaxed atmosphere.  If you need/want tickets email me or tweet me @cimiddletwnnj.


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