What To Pack In Your Jersey Shore Beach Bag

Heading “Down the Shore” this weekend? I certainly hope so because it’s going to be a perfect weekend for it. Sunny and 84 today and tomorrow, and a scorching 88 degrees on Sunday. The time to plan, well at this point it’s more like being spontaneous, is NOW!

Before you pack up your beach bag to head to the Jersey Shore, read this blog post from Sugar & Spice. She hits the nail on the head with this one. Everything you need to bring to have a great day at the beach is included. My favorite “I did not know” was baby powder, it brought back the memory of the Love’s Baby Soft Days… Enjoy and Happy Weekend everyone!

Not so obvious things for the beach The Atlantic Ocean in the Outer Banks of North Carolina welcomed us. We had an amazing rental home from Joe Banks, only three doors down from our dearly beloved friends. The kids enjoyed three stories, kitchen and laundry room on each floor, heated pool, and for the grand finale – ocean view/access. Can you say vacation hallelujah? So after beachin’ it for 10 days, lets talk about what you really need to know but no one talks about for a relaxed … Read More

via Sugar and Spice


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