New Jersey’s Dedication to Clean Water and Beaches

Seagulls at the Jersey ShoreNew Jersey’s Cooperative Coastal Monitoring Program is considered one of the best in the country and is a testament to the Garden State’s dedication to clean water and beaches. It is funded by the “Shore to Please” license plate program.

Our beaches were open 99.8% of the time in 2009, a pretty darn good track record and is one of the best on the East Coast.  The DEP is working toward the technology to do on-site testing with nearly immediate accurate results. In the meantime, the many folks that take the time to gather samples, run the tests, monitor the beaches and pick up debris and trash often go unrecognized but go a long way to keep the shore in top shape for the $40 billion dollars tourism brings to the state.

For the full article read here.

Despite New Jersey’s reputation, there are great efforts and steps in place to ensure the Jersey Shore beaches are a destination for all to enjoy.


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