8 Funny Travel Tips & Some Practical Advice

Travel AdviceI saw a blog post yesterday on Top 15 Travel Do’s and Dont’s and I was going to use it as inspiration for my post today.  I emailed the content to my Gmail account so I could read and extrapolate today.  Instead of being informative, it kind of made me laugh.  I’m guessing it was not originally written in English and perhaps it didn’t translate well. Many of the tips applied to life (common sense) and not just travel.  While humorous it was kind of sad that the  tips were things that people are (should be) expected to already know and act as such.  Here are a handful:

  • Don’t buy your travel ticket or book your hotel with an unauthorized dealer or person
  • Don’t engage yourself in a quarrel
  • Don’t drink excessively
  • Don’t take bet or challenge
  • Don’t take food or drink offerings from a stranger
  • Don’t approach wild animals, poisonous plants and dangerous places
  • Take necessary clothing accordingly
  • Try to keep your money and valuables secured in a hand bag or your carry-on luggage

Traveling to a foreign place can be both exciting and dangerous. It is best to familiarize yourself with the area you area traveling to prior  to your arrival.  Do a little on-line research in regards to your hotel selection. Trip Advisor is a wonderful tool to find out where and more importantly where not to stay.  Travelocity and Expedia and the other popular travel sites are great to use as a shopping tool.  Don’t assume you are getting the best deal from them. This is true for both the hotel and airline industries. If you find a hotel you are interested in, check the brand website. Nine times in ten you will find a better deal there. Hotels and airlines offer their inventory at a discount to these travel sites in return for their national recognition and marketing.  They are selling inventory at the regular (non-discounted) rate offered by the hotel or airline.  Many times the hotel reservations will not be able to be cancelled and you will have to pay up front. You are likely to get the best price and terms by booking directly. To better understand the difference in using a credit vs. debit card for your hotel stay click here.

As for packing there a few pieces of advice I can give. Know the weather, bring something for a little warmer and a little cooler, just in case. Comfortable shoes are a must, believe me I’ve been a fashion victim and it’s just not worth it. When you are packing your clothes, it’s best to roll them.  They take up less space in the bag and it helps to keep them from wrinkling. Plan to wear the heaviest shoes en route so you don’t have to pack or carry them. I try to travel in a back pack when possible. If you are going on a longer trip or have too much to bring, a suitcase with wheels is well worth it’s weight in gold.  A week before you leave, make a list of everything you want to remember to bring.  That way you can add to it as the week progresses and you can double check it before departure.

As the weather gets warmer travel will increase nationwide.  We are looking forward welcoming the many guests that will cross through our lobby this summer. If you have any questions in advance about location, what to do and see, or anything else for that matter leave a comment here or send me an e-mail. Check back often to the blog as we are posting events as they come up. We hope that you will consider staying with the Comfort Inn Middletown when your travels bring you to the Jersey Shore. Check out our post on free and low-cost things to do at the Jersey Shore.


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