The INN-Side Story – It’s Not Where You Sleep It’s Who You Sleep With – Our Tagline

It's Not Where You Sleep It's Who You Sleep With

February EMACC 30 Second Commercial Winners

For this weeks INN-Side Story post I decided to write about our tag-line and how it came about. In next weeks post we’ll give the scoop on one of employees so you can get to know them better.

I attended my first Eastern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council breakfast on February 17th, 2010 at Branches in Long Branch.  I am not typically a morning person  and breakfast as a meal doesn’t really appeal to me. (Branches does put out a fantastic spread!)  I am more of the “Business After Hours” type and I sit on that committee with the Chamber.

I had met with Bill Atkins, owner of Red Bank Limo a few weeks prior and we discussed several marketing ideas.  He suggested that I attend the breakfast because it attracts a different crowd than business after hours giving me more exposure.  He did warn me, however, that I needed to be prepared to stand up and give a 30 second commercial. There are few things less terrifying for me than public speaking. Needless to say I spent the 3 days prior to the breakfast nervous and scrambling to figure out what to say.  Ted Friedli of Excel Travel is a master of the tagline and making people laugh, because of that I’ve remembered him since my first Chamber event back in July. “Make Us Happy, Go Away”. I knew it had to be memorable, but what can you say about a hotel that is really exciting to non-hotel people?

I am a notorious note scribbler on scraps of paper. The night before I sat at my kitchen table with a glass of wine and I filled the backs of three grocery receipts with ideas before I arrived at “It’s Not Where You Sleep, It’s Who You Sleep With”.  In my conversation with Bill, we talked about the things that are unique about the Comfort Inn Middletown.  A few of them were, we are family owned and operated since 1962, we truly are a small business not a large corporation, we have employees that have worked for the company for over 20 years, and we have great customer service scores.  It became pretty clear that the people at the hotel were what made the difference, not what we have to offer as a building. All hotels have basically the same features.  No one other than the boutique hotels are re-creating the wheel and offering off the beaten path amenities.  It turns out that my 30 second commercial won the gold medal for both February and March and I have yet to get through it without my face turning bright red. I have started attending a few of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce “Perkolator” breakfasts held with Cliff Moore at the Keyport IHOP where my face turns equally red.

We are proud of our employees and their dedication to customer service. It makes the hotel an easy sell for me and happy guests make for a happy workComfort Inn Middletown Marquis Signplace. A real win-winComfort Inn Middletown Marquis Sign situation.   Some people do not appreciate the double entendre and to them I say, “Get your mind out of the gutter”.   Tracy says “A sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste”.  Our marquis sign states it.  We’ve had guests posing under the sign and taking pictures for about a week now.  Swing on by and get your picture taken too.  If you don’t have a camera, pop on in, we do and we’d love to post your picture on our Facebook fan page. Remember “It’s not Where You Sleep, It’s Who You With“. Come over for a site tour or a cup of coffee, we’d love to meet you.


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