What Are Your Biggest Travel Challenges?

Our new website is on-line and we want to make it user friendly for you.

We’ve busy over here at the Comfort Inn Middletown-Red Bank getting our new website set up. The season to be at the Jersey Shore is quickly upon us.  This week was just a preview of the beautiful weather and summer fun. It is still a work in progress but we are very pleased with the direction it’s taking.  Our newest additions are links to Google Maps for Restaurants & Bars, Funeral Homes, Banquet & Wedding Halls and a link to Google Transit.  There’s a whole bunch of other categories I want to add including shopping, attractions,beaches, shopping, parks, theaters and spas just to name a few.  Our “Area Information” page is my next project to tackle in and among all of the other things that keep landing on my desk.

We can add and promote packages with website.  I’m looking forward to cross promoting the hotel with other area businesses.  The hotel is busy on the weekends during the summer. We are concentrating on creating a reason to visit for longer and extend stays into the shoulder portions of the week.

It should only be a few weeks before landscaping is in bloom with all of the flowers Mrs. Pappas plants every year. We’ll be adding and updating our photos then. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think as a traveler and what information do I want when I travel? Food and entertainment top my list.  When I travel it’s usually for work or to attend a sporting event – most likely baseball. Food and entertainment are my biggest concerns.  Figuring out how to get from point to point is my biggest challenge. I can get lost with the GPS on. What are your biggest challenges when you travel? What can we as hoteliers do to make your trip easier? Leave us a comment and let us know.  We’ll do our best to incorporate your ideas into our website and info available at the front desk.

You can also contact us through Facebook (Comfort Inn Middletown NJ) or Tweet us on Twitter (cimiddletwnnj).


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