Comfort Inn Middletown on Google Maps

When I first started here as the Sales Manager in July of 2009 one of the first things I did was update and correct our Comfort Inn Middletown hotel information on Google Maps.  Google continues to be the number one search engine in the United States. If a guest or potential  was searching for us using Google our Google Maps information is the first thing that comes up.  To make it even easier for people unfamiliar with our area I added our best GPS address as well. There was some effort involved in getting all of our information corrected on the site to start.  I moved the pin placement for our location as it was incorrect, I added photos and detailed hotel information.  Now that it’s all done there are great diagnostic tools to show where people are searching and requesting directions from, total impressions, actions and search words.

It only took me an afternoon to get everything set.  Google mailed me a postcard with a pin number to confirm ownership of the business so we could access and update our information through the Local Business Center.  They will also call to confirm ownership and give you a pin number over the phone.  The second you click on “Click to Call” the phone rings so you better be ready!

Last week I finally broke down and got myself an iPhone.  I could kick myself for not doing it sooner. The available apps are in one word -AMAZING!  Google Earth and  Around Me Apps use the Google Maps locations.  I was pleased to see the hotel come up exactly the way I wanted it.  From Around Me you can call the hotel directly from the app.   I know it works because I just prank called the front desk.

If you have any location-based fun iPhone apps, let me know in the comments.  Likewise if you know of just plain cool apps let me know those too.  Thank you for reading and feel free to fan us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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