Crack the Code! 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk in Holmdel

On Saturday April 10, 2010 there will be a “Crack the Code!” 5K Run and a 1 Mile Walk and Children’s races in Holmdel to benefit Dr. Susan M. Domcheck and the Holmdel Community United Church of Christ.  The race will be staged at Vonage,Inc. headquarters located at 23 Main Street (Newman Springs Road/Route 520) in Holmdel.

Dr. Susan M. Domcheck, M.S. of Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania is using genetics to “Crack the Code” and identify case specific causes of breast cancer.   She is using targeted therapies and cancer vaccines that have proven effective against the disease without the use of toxic chemicals.  Her research may help to make the treatment of breast cancer kinder and more effective.

Holmdel Community United Church of Christ in Holmdel, NJ serves its members as well as the community at large including the famed “Bridges” program for the homeless in NYC, Calico Cat Food Pantry, and Crack the Code.   Holmdel Community UCC  has been home to these and other fine cause dating as far back as 1705 and their facility is in need of refurbishment.

Links to the flyer, donation form and to register on-line can be found be found here on the Holmdel Community United Church of Christ website. You can find the race registration form to register by mail by clicking here. If you would like more information please email:  There is also information available on

If you are interested in supporting the cause but aren’t sure “How To” run a 5K you can learn! Don Pope, Founder of WellFit Personal Training is forming a (no fee) training group to get you started. Contact him at

Schedule is 8:00am registration, 9:30am 1-Mile Walk, 10:00am 5K Run, 11:00am Children’s Races.  The entry fees for Runners and Walkers are $25.00 by mail, $23.00 online and $30.00 on the day of the race. For Children’s Races (14 and under) Pre-race $12.00 by mail, $10.00 on-line and $15.00 on the day of the race.

The Comfort Inn Middletown will be supporting the “Crack the Code” race with runners and if anyone from out-of-town is planning on racing, we have set a special rate for you at the hotel. Contact us at 732.671.3400.


6 thoughts on “Crack the Code! 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk in Holmdel

  1. That’s great Kyle! I’ll be running – first race of the year for me. Time shake the dust off! If there’s anything else I should add let me know, I’m going to do another post on it next week sometime. Thanks for your comment – you’re the first one to on the blog 🙂

    • Thanks for running! The more people that run, the better! Sorry if I’m sounding like a salesman here, but one of my mom’s friends came up with this thing called the ‘$500 Club’. Basically what it is is this special ‘elite group’ of people that raised at least five hundred dollars. If you do get into the $500 Club then you get this jacket. It’s actually really nice. There are some pictures of the jacket at If you did check out the site you may have already seen them. (That’s me in the pictures 🙂 )

      • I will do my best to get to $500 – I’ll definitely check out the site. 🙂 We have a few breast cancer survivors working at the hotel so we’ll do our best to help you promote the event, get lots of runners and $$$

  2. There is this new event for the crack the code race. It’s this party at the outback steakhouse (who hy the way, is pretty much tied with vonage with sponsorship generosity) I’m not sure about the deatails yet but they’re at (under the ‘sign up’ section) and you can always email my mom at the email address provided at our website.

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