The Seals are at Sandy Hook

Photo By: Scott Longfield - A Harp Seal in Leonardo, NJ on 2.20.10

Earlier this winter NBC News ran a story in regards to the cleaning up of the New York Harbor  leading to the return of many seal species to the Sandy Hook area.  You can read my earlier post “Seals at Sandy Hook and New York Harbor” which details the story, links to the footage and discusses the seal population in the Sandy Hook area.  The picture at left was featured on the front page of the February 26 – March 5, 2010 issue of The Two River Times. A Harp Seal suns itself along the Jersey Shore.  This photo was taken by Scott Longfield in Leonardo, NJ on Saturday, February 20, 2010.   Leonardo is part of the Township of Middletown and is located on the south shore of the Raritan Bay.  Both Sandy Hook and the New York City skyline are visible from the Leonardo shores.

(More famously, and completely unrelated, Leonardo, NJ  is the main location in the movie Clerks. Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith as in Jay and Silent Bob are natives.  According to Wikipedia, the Quick Stop and RST Video store is located at 58 Leonard Avenue, just north of Route 36. The store is no longer open and is used only for storage. )

March is the month in which spring is supposed to arrive. If you want to make your plans to come see the winter beach at Sandy Hook and chance upon an opportunity to see some seals in their natural habitat, I suggest you do it soon.  Sooner than we think  our beaches will again be lined with people enjoying the summer heat and sunshine, the cold dreary winter will be but a distant memory.


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