Comfort Inn Middletown $74.99 Snow Special

Comfort Inn Middletown is offering a $74.99 Snow Special

Comfort Inn Middletown Sign in the Blizzard of Fury Storm

A View From Our Breakfast Room

We are offering our $74.99 snow special for the evening of Thursday, February 25th. It’s only been 15 days since our last winter storm warning here at the Jersey Shore. The lobby in the Comfort Inn Middletown has been a buzz all day. We’ve been with our guests watching the weather on TV.

It’s supposed to get worse and  be bad into tomorrow.  I see the wind has started and it’s sort of snowing sideways.  If you don’t want to drive home or worry about making it into work in the morning,  stay safely with us.  Lois is working at the front desk and she has our $74.99 snow special available and ready to book for you. Call for reservations or just walk on in. We have hot coffee ready for you in the lobby.

The snow special rate includes our extended continental breakfast from 6:00am to 10:00am in the morning. We’ve got hot, yummy waffles! Our phone number is 732.671.3400 or just plug 2 Woodland Drive Middletown into your GPS and cut through the Outback’s parking lot. (Our real address is 750 Route 35 Middletown but the GPS doesn’t like that address.) The Comfort Inn Middletown wishes you safe travels & happy stays!


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