Comfort Inn Middletown, NJ – The INN-Side Story

a middletown nj hotel from 1962 until 2005howard johnson middletown before changing brand flags to become   the comfort inn

The Comfort Inn Middletown has a storied past to become the hotel it is today. I will be doing a weekly feature on the blog called “The Inn-Side Story” complete with pictures and stories from the families that have owned the business since it’s inception and the employees that have kept it running.  If you have pictures, stories or memories that you would like included as part of the Comfort Inn Middletown history, please email me.We’d love to hear from you and to share your thoughts.

A Jersey Shore Hotel located in Middletown, NJ

I’m going to start from the beginning and attempt (at least to start) to keep the posts chronological.  We have several employees that have worked for the Comfort Inn Middletown and/or the Howard Johnson Middletown for more than 15 years. These folks are a wealth of stories on the insanity, hilarity, odd, wacky, zany, straight up crazy, fun, warm, welcoming things that happen in a typical hotel staffers day.  I will post their stories and their pictures so you can get to know us as we tell you our story.

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